Final project

Creation of memes remix project 5 fall 2013

Artist Statement: This painting was originally “The Creation of Adam”. It illustrates the creation of Adam in the book of Gensis, when God breathes life into Adam as the first man. What my narritive is showing instead of the creation of Adam, now it is “The Creation of Internet Memes”. I thought it would be interesting if I showed a popular painting that is well known and change into popular images that is shown also well known on the internet. The reason I chose this painting as my remix project is because I thought it would be clever to show how would the meme are created if God was a meme and what it would it look like if a meme created man.

I tried to make other images with other well known paintings, but it did not work out as much as this image does. So I chose this painting to be my final remix image to get my point across. By showing a painting that we’ve known for a long time and also showing images that have not been around as long, but it is well known as “The Creation of Adam”. Thats why I chose this painting for this remix project.


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