Final Narrative Project

YouTube Link:

Artist Statement:

For my narrative project I chose to do a cover music video using Cold plays song “Paradise” of my friend Alex singing the song to describe my narrative project. My story is about a girl who is a frustrated song writer and she has been working on writing her own music for a long time. Her dream is to be able to find a lead singer to work with her band, that she is trying to form and play in front of thousands of people. So she starts to post flyers around town to get people to audition to be her lead singer in her band. After a few days have past the audition day finally arrives. At first she gets really bad auditions that dont go so well and simply outrageous.

Before she thought that it was all over, suddenly there was this girl who runs up late for the audition and the songwriter lets her audition. As the girl starts to sing, the song writer begins to look really happy and is enjoying her singing. After not even a few mintues of her audition, she stops her and congratulates her as her new lead singer in her band “No Limits”.


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