Project 2 Final

Original Image:


New Images:

Project 2 Digital Concepts Image 1 Be Patient

Project 2 Digital Concepts Image 2 Be Brave

Project 2 Digital Concepts Image 3 Be Limitless

Project 2 Digital Concepts Image 4 Be Fearless

Project 2

Artist Statement

For my project I used one of my 2-D projects. My old work was about advertising adida shoes. How I advertised adida shoes is someone doing parkour. My new concept for this project is not advertising the shoes, but more on focusing the movement of parkour and what kind of mind set you need to have to do this sport. Iam also showing the movement of parkour step by step by using repetition.

As I worked further in this project, I decided to focus more on the movement and the focus of parkour than putting a lot of effects in my images. I want my project to be more about the physical and mental focus while doing parkour. I feel like the relationship between digital media and drawing has its advantages and disadvantages. When I drew my images I feel like I have more control in regular drawing than digital media. The reason why is because when you draw an image and make a mistake you can quickly fix it. On the other hand for digital media it takes longer and more effort to fix your mistakes.

The disadvantage of drawing is that it does take longer to add detail to your image. As for digital media you can quickly add detail by using any effect, picture from the internet, background, and etc. As I worked on this project using digital media I started to have a more appreciation for it. I feel like my feeling about my new work from my old work has improved by showing the main message and focus that I wanted to do for my project.


What I did for this  project is, I drew 4 new images and used Photoshop to the best of my abilities to color it and add effects. I wanted my project to not look too neat and look a little rough because when you do parkour you go through a lot of difficult times to do each movement correctly. Its all about the mental and physical aspect of doing these movements and going through obstacles to reach your goal that you want to accomplish for parkour. The reason why I did not choose to do 4 traditional drawings for this project is because it shows how much parkour takes so much time and effort, to be a better parkourist.


One response to “Project 2 Final

  1. Becky,
    Just a couple of things to consider before Wednesday’s revision deadline:
    1) Do you want them to be viewed in the grid you showed in the critique? If so, please arrange the images into one file and then upload that file so it appears first. You could then follow with the single images if you like. I am not saying that you should do this, but if the grid layout was something that you feel impact the work you need to present it that way.

    2) The last image is a color version of the original black and white image. Is this image to be considered a part of the new series? If so, why is there still the adidas/shoes reference that you describe in your statement as being part of the past work. Plus, the use of text is very different in this one than the other four.

    3) Instead of taking up so much space in your artist statement describing your process, perhaps you can replace some of that with describing what parkour actually is and how you have represented it in your images.

    4) Something to think about as you have time still to revise — what does the digital media bring to this work that traditional drawing would not? If you feel that you could have done this stronger by just drawing, why didn’t you leave more of a traditional drawing aesthetic in the final images? Does it matter that the digital style in the new ones feels a lot rougher and jagged than the first piece you did? Is there an intention to that rough style?

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