Process 2

img001 Image 1

img002 Image 2

img003 Image 3

img004 Image 4

Summery: I searched on Google for more parkour moves using a wall and I drew 4 new images. I plan to put these images in either photo shop or art illustrator or maybe both, to outline the image,add color, and etc. It took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to do this.


3 responses to “Process 2

  1. Becky,
    As we discussed last week, I think this second bit of progress you have uploaded here is much more in line with the ‘remediation’ objective of the project and I also find it to be more aesthetically pleasing than the first progress you posted. The 4 compositions above seem to be in response to main aspects of the parkour experience (correct?). They seem to focus on capturing movement and experience in a much more interesting way than the first collaged digital image which was extremely cluttered. I think the digital image would be closer to capturing the experience if the showed were removed so there was more space in the composition like the above images.

    I think your project has now become less about the shoes and more about selling the experience of parkour – so that’s what you should stay focused on. If you haven’t already done so, I would research parkour online (not just for images) for what the purpose/objective of the practice is and really be conscious of that as you complete this work (it will help you make formal decisions such as color, type of line, use of space, etc.)

    – Heidi

    • oops — in first comment above, “showed” in second last line of first paragraph should be “shoes”.

      One additional comment: Be very cautious of using too many special effects (I say this mainly in response to the first progress image you uploaded). Think about the simplicity and clean approach to parkour and perhaps embrace the minimalism (which you are already doing in your spacious compositions above).

  2. I would start thinking about what you will write for your artist statement as well. What was the concept of the old work? What is the concept of the new work? Think about how you have remediated your old work and how the relationship between drawing and digital media might be informing the feeling/idea of the work.

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