Learning To Love You More

Link—–> http://www.learningtoloveyoumore.com/hello/index.php

1) Summery:

Their art project “Learning To Love You More” by Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher was on a website and it was a series of a non-presentation of instructions of art projects that was open to the general public. They would have different assignments with instructions to have everyone who was interested to participate by showing their creativity to their art projects. The public would send videos, photographs, text, and etc. Their presentations have also taken place in many different venues in the U.S. They started this project in 2002 and ended it at 2009. Over the years they had 8000 people that participated in their project.

2) Response:

Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher project “Learning To Love You More” seems to be a great way to bring out the creativity out of people and to express themselves. If I knew about this project I would totally participate. My favorite assignment would have to be #49 “Draw a picture of your friend’s friend”.  What you would have to do is to ask your friend to describe one of their friends that you have never met or seen before and draw a detailed drawing of their friend with a red pen or pencil without looking at a photo of their friend. As soon as you are finished ask your friend if you can see the photo of their friend and see if your drawing match’s the image. I think their website has full of fun and interesting assignments that you can do on your spare time.


One response to “Learning To Love You More

  1. The more I hear about participatory art projects like this, the more excited I get. I love how participatory art draws the audience in and allows them to think and see differently from before. It’s also a great way like July’s and Fletcher’s projects; to get to know someone better or see a new side to them.

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