Before I Die…, created by Candy Chang

1) Summery:

In this video is about writing down your dreams, hopes, goals, and etc. in a public space, that you want to do before you die. It was originally designed at Candy Changs neighborhood in New Orleans after losing a loved one in 2009. She received hundreds of messages from other countries if they can share this to their community’s. She developed a kit to how to make her art work and eventually everyone in all different countries started to share her work to their community’s. She said that some people forget the thought of death and they just get caught up in their life’s. We should appreciate to the people that we love and never forget that life is a precious gift and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

2) Response:

My response to this video is that I think it is a great idea for people to express themselves and participate in her art. It makes the audience feel like that they are really involved and apart of her work. I thought it was really creative to write your dreams, goals,  hopes, and etc. I actually wrote something earlier this year on the “Before I die” wall saying ” I will be a famous songwriter” and ” I will be walk the wall of China”. It was a very fun experience to write down what I want to write. If you haven’t done it yet you should totally do it.


2 responses to “Before I Die…, created by Candy Chang

  1. I remember writing on the Before I Die in Columbus this past summer. I think I wrote “write a screenplay”. I think it’s really cool that something so public and personal can exist at the same time, and I think the Before I Die walls also encourage people of the same communities to get to know each other, maybe even unintentionally.

  2. I really enjoyed the piece because it reminds those who often forget while wrapped up in the current lives of what things they most wanted to do to fulfill their lives, so that they can once again make it a focus. Or have other realize they have most or all of what they had always wanted.

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