Post media and Post Digital

Post media:

1) Summery:

Basically what this blog is talking about is “New Art Media” compared to contemporary art and other feilds of art through out the years. “New Art Media” is not identifed as an art genre or art movement, but as a simply based medium. New Media Art uses technologies such as video games, animation, computer graphics, digtial art, computer robotics, and etc. Its mission is to reduce itself in the contempoarty art world and seeing itself as an incubator for industrial research. But in order for that to happen is for “New Media Art” to stop considering itself as competion toward other arts in the art world.

2) Response:

In my response to this blog is that I dont really understand what New Art Media is trying to accomplish in the art world. Is it trying to be better than contemporary art or other types of art? Is it trying to improve itself compared to other art? Or is it simply trying to figure out how to make a name for itself compared to others? Honstly if I had to answer to any of these questions, I would have no idea. I guess mainly what I got out of this blog is that “New Media Art” is trying to make it self better and improving its disadvantages threw out the years in history.


1) Summery:

Post digital is according to Wikipedia “is a term which has recently come into use in the discourse of digital artistic practice”. Post digital uses digital technology to communicate with the audience physically and socially in a high tech and high touch experience of the viewer. The art from the artist is created for participation, interaction, and also using collaboration. It also rises amoung art in science, technology, and human consciousness.

2) Response:

In this short summery of post digtial is mainly communicating with your viewers of the experience by using techonlogy. I guess what post digital means that its trying to get a reaction from the audience by creating an experience that the artist creates from techonlogy. I dont really know any other way to explain it, but thats all I can get from it. Is there more to post digital that Iam missing, did I explain it wrong, or did I explain it well enough of the concept of post digital?


3 responses to “Post media and Post Digital

  1. At first I had trouble understanding these two forms of media. But now upon further reading I think it becomes clear just what new digital art and post digital media are and how they function. While new digital media art is separated by this unclear identity of what it is ; postdigital art seems to bridge not only human thinking but a connection that perhaps digital media has never done before.

  2. I believe I understand post media and post digital better because of how you explained them. when reading the article and definitions given i had a hard time sorting out what it all really meant.

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