1) Summery

The book “Remediation : Understanding New Media” by Jay Bolter & Richard Grusin in 2000, defines new digital media borrows old media and turns it into new media. Remediation is important because we need to be able to understand the current media culture. The new media in remediation is constantly changing and evolving. For example, your using an old media medium to make into a new media medium by adding any images on a picture to make a whole different art piece from your original work, but not all remediation uses old media to make into new media on a picture. For example, the “Dynamic Stasis”  uses both remediation and reverse remediation. They used static graphic prints from a digital video.

2) Response

I never knew how remediation is related to art until I saw the videos we saw this week of what it really is about. For example the Mediation video about the bowling pins, I did not know you can use a video and draw on top of it to make something completely different. And also “William Kentridge”: Pain & Sympathy video, I did not know that you can make a charcoal drawing using digital media into a stop motion video. I find it amazing and interesting of what different types of medium you can do in digital media.


3 responses to “REMEDIATION

  1. I thought the charcoal stop motion was really interesting too. I think it was my favorite because I find that the presence of more traditional methods- or at least equal influence of old and new media in the process of remediation- is the most effective way to change a piece.

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